• Elegant A-line gown with delicate lace to create a delicate look.
  • With semi-sheer V-neck top with a nude mesh insert in the centre front, reaching the waistline, will successfully emphasize the graceful posture, slender neck and beautiful collarbones.
  • The corset is decorated with embroidered lace and hand embroidery by professional craftsmen.
  • The back is slightly concave below the level of the shoulder blades.
  • The back is fastened in the centre of the back with a hidden zipper.
  • A puffed skirt with a luxurious train is artfully embroidered with incredibly delicate lace.
  • The V-shaped skirt embroidery seam, which visually lengthens the torso and narrows the waist, is delicately decorated with an embroidered belt. It is fastened in the center of the back panel with a hidden zipper.
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