Introducing Jasmine, a captivating symphony of artistry and grace, Handcrafted from sumptuous silk charmeuse, Jasmine exudes timeless elegance, complemented by two delicately hand-draped French laces that infuse depth and allure into its design.

What sets Jasmine gown apart is its exquisite craftsmanship – adorned with masterful hand embroidery using precious metal threads. Each stitch tells a story of meticulous artistry, creating an ethereal aura that captivates the eye. The halter top and perfectly sculpted corset embrace your figure with a sense of regal sophistication, ensuring a flawless fit and unparalleled comfort on your special day.

Radiating opulence and charm, Jasmine is adorned with shimmering Austrian crystals, adding a touch of sparkle that illuminates every movement. Embrace the allure of Jasmine, a gown that epitomizes sophistication and elegance, meticulously handmade in New York for the discerning bride who seeks timeless beauty intertwined with unmatched craftsmanship.
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